General Civil Liability

General Civil Liability

Lawsuits and Disputes

There are times when there is no resolution of disputes without turning to the courts. This is to be avoided when possible, but when unavoidable it is important to have experienced and successful trial lawyers at your disposal.

HCFA Lawyers have been a litigation firm since its inception. We have litigated simple property damage, premises liability and personal injury claims, to more complex forms of litigation including product liability, mass tort, toxic exposure, traumatic work-related injury and industry-wide lawsuits. We have practiced trial law around the State of Michigan.

Over the years we have developed our litigation practice in more specialized areas of litigation, like the defense of real estate appraisers and title abstractors. We also provide legal counseling and risk management services to these industries, so as to avoid the costs and inconvenience of litigation.

We would be pleased to consult with you and serve as your trial counsel in such matters, so call us at 248-247-3300 or contact us online.