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Experienced Attorneys for Michigan Small Business

HCFA's attorneys for Michigan small and mid-sized businesses know that you need responsive and thorough legal representation at costs that make sense. We have been working with Michigan business owners and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Our experience offers the benefit of knowledgeable, efficient legal representation — we can help you start, manage, and protect your company the right way.

The fear of piecemeal or unexpected legal costs can feel like a dark cloud over your head. Partnering with an affordable small business attorney is a way to rest assured and contain costs, because it can save you time, money and legal exposure down the road.

Outside General Counsel and Litigation

Our business attorneys provide “outside general counsel” services without an annual retainer. We provide ongoing advice and representation on internal and external matters, from corporate governance to litigation. Most important, we get to know your business and are available to owners/shareholders or officers at almost any time. Your business benefits from our immediate attention and familiarity with your history and operations — meaning that you get cost-effective, responsive service.

Contracts and Business Forms

Development of Your Forms

Legal advice is important at each stage of business activity. From bids and quotations to the final contract with a customer or vendor, documents are critical to the protection of your business. Purchase orders, invoices and other business forms should include language to insulate your business from risk of loss if a “battle of the forms” ensues. In other settings, the documentation necessary to provide your business with a lien, or a security interest, will require some advice from an attorney.

Contracts, Transactional Documents

The instances in which customer transactions should be documented, by a contract, a written offer, letter of intent, or otherwise are more numerous than most would believe. The more involved the transaction, the greater the importance on carefully drawn contracts and other documents that express the intent of the parties while providing protection to your company. Even the common, day-to-day transactions can be better documented after some initial consultation with a business law attorney. Such a consultation may provide you with procedures, practices and forms that you may utilize to protect your business in the years ahead.

Sales Representative, Distributorship and Licensing Agreements

Distributorship agreements, licensing agreements and sales representative relationships must be thoughtfully documented in anticipation of potential problems, disputes and risks that may develop years into performance. Often, trade secrets and competitive information must be protected in these relationships. HCFA lawyers will work with you to arrive at an agreement that protects your interests without imposing disincentives to performance by your sales and distribution partners on whom you rely.

Asset Purchase and Merger Agreements - Related Activities and Documentation

A business involved in the purchase or sale of assets with another entity requires more than just a contract. Tax authorities, creditors, accountants, employees and others have to be considered and addressed to make these transactions proceed without unpleasant surprises down the road. While the asset purchase/sale agreement is the centerpiece of documentation, other important steps must be taken, and documented on behalf of your business in order to protect the transaction from challenge before and after closing. HCFA lawyers have experience in these transactions and can assist you in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Web-based Business - Contracts, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies

Businesses that form relationships with their customers through the internet require special attention. The contracts used in website transactions have classic contract aspects, but they involve unique features that have generated their own body of law, like the law of “click-wrap” agreements and variations. HCFA has broad experience in web-based businesses and can guide your company in the production of website agreements and policies that will make your deals binding while protecting you against claims.

Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Non-Disclosure Agreements

These agreements may be useful to a business in their employee relationships and in their relationships with vendors, joint ventures, sales and distribution relationships, research and development stages and more. HCFA has written these contracts, enforced them and defended parties alleged to be in breach. This experience has not only familiarized us with the now large body of law on the topic, but has given us a unique perspective on the resolution of these disputes within and without the judicial system. Read more on creating non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements for your business.

Intra-Company Disputes, Dissolution and Succession Planning

The litigation of disputes, break-ups and withdrawals is typically ugly and expensive, so the best course is to plan “around” the problems before they develop. When this has not or cannot be accomplished, management of the problems, as opposed to litigation of the disputes, generally works to the advantage of all concerned. HCFA has useful experience in the management and negotiation of these disputes both within and without the courtroom.

HCFA business lawyers are available to assist in assessment, planning, negotiation, drafting and litigation in each of these areas of legal concern. Based in Troy, Michigan, we represent clients throughout the State of Michigan. To learn more about our small business services, or to schedule a consultation, call our office at 248-247-3300 or contact us online.

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