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Michigan Supreme Court Order Brings Conclusion to 25 Year Old Litigation

A recent order of the Michigan Supreme Court in favor of our client reversing in part the most recent Court of Appeals opinion in this case, heralds the end of more than 25 years of litigation in Hunt v Drielick. This litigation consisted of three se… Read More
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The "Business Use" Exclusion

Andrew Finn recently obtained a successful result in a case of first impression in the Michigan Supreme Court interpreting the “Business Use” exclusion contained in a non-trucking use insurance policy. Hunt v Drielick, Docket Nos. 146433-35, June… Read More
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Real Estate Appraiser Defense in Civil Cases

Every professional faces the risk of a lawsuit alleging professional liability today. After the U.S. housing market declined in 2006 and reached an all-time low in 2008, real estate appraisers became frequent targets in professional liability lawsuit… Read More
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