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Three Areas To Consider When Planning Your Michigan Partnership

If you’re planning a Michigan partnership, chances are that you’ve got a solid business plan and a general oral agreement as to who will do what and how the company will run on a daily basis. While those details are a good start, the smal…
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Michigan Business Law in Brief: Non-Compete Agreements in a Global Economy

Consider this. It’s 1990 and John is a door-to-door Hoover vacuum salesman in Detroit. Eureka lures him away and Hoover enforces a non-compete, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreement prohibiting him from selling other vacuums within a 20 mile…
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Should I Use Online Legal Forms to Start a Michigan Business?

Starting a business is generally not a venture entered into lightly. In fact, most new business owners have likely put everything they’ve got into their venture – both financially and emotionally. At Hickey, Cianciolo, Finn & Atkins, PC,…
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Contracts And The Internet: Terms Of Use

Websites have become the places where people shop for services and products. They click the “Accept” or “Agree” buttons under the “Terms of Use” on a site simply so they can proceed to make their selections and ten…
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Website Privacy Policies: More Than Meets The Eye

Most sites that sell products and services have a “Privacy Policy.” Sites that gather personal information for any purpose contain statements of a “Privacy Policy,” and these may be found to vary widely from one site to the ne…
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Michigan Business Law in Brief: Terms of Use Agreements

Make Everyone Play by the Rules Imagine playing a game of cards without specific rules. It would be impossible for any player to “win” as nobody truly understands how the game is played. It wouldn’t be a lot of fun and players would likely argu…
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Starting a New Michigan Business – From Napkin to Reality

The idea for a new small to mid-sized business is often initially written down on a napkin. It is then fleshed out and slowly becomes a reality. However, the excitement surrounding what is wanted out of the adventure often takes precedence over what…
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Michigan Law Firm Dissolutions: Planning Beyond Success

Forming a law firm is exciting. It’s about putting your legal experience, and those of like-minded others, together to create success. At the onset, most lawyers plan how the firm will operate, how it won’t, and what will happen when everyone get…
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